I work for J.P. Morgan Chase

clock Tuesday March 8, 2011

Life has changed quite drastically since joining J.P. Morgan Chase almost a year ago. Since then, I have been on a psychedelic trip involving all sorts of wonderful and weird things. These include Vanilla flavors; wicked Japanese Uridashis; traders clamoring across the room; going to work before dawn and returning after sunset; getting to wear cufflinks and not getting weird looks; knowing that it is Friday because one particular guy is wearing a flowery shirt; etc; and getting to hang out with some really extraordinary individuals.

I have integrated the Analytics Strategies Group which is responsible for the Core functionalities of Athena:

“Athena is J.P. Morgan’s cross-market risk management and trading system. It is currently used in our foreign exchange and commodities businesses, and is being rolled out more broadly across our fixed income businesses. Athena includes a globally replicated object-oriented database, a powerful dependency graph and a fully integrated stack across pricing, risk and trading tools. The code is a combination of Python, C++, and Java: C++ and Java for speed, and Python for flexibility and rapid but controlled releases. Athena is designed to pull developers close to the business to help increase revenues while improving operational processes and controls to reduce costs.” – J.P. Morgan Chase.