– Artificial Intelligence

clock Friday May 1, 2015

After 5 years of working alongside some extraordinary individuals1 on some elite systems2, the time has come to step-up to the CTO role at an ambitious start-up.

Having applied FPGAs in space3, and in finance to implement the World’s Fastest Matching and Crossing Engine (i.e. Exchange), I believe that the next really exciting challenge is to employ this amazing technology to AI/ML.

This field also brings to life some core-aspects of my Ph.D. that was focused on using FPGAs to accelerate the heart of most AI algorithms, i.e. finding the vector (x) that minimises the error of systems of linear equations (Ax = b) subject to a certain constraints (x ≤ c).

Checkout Carlos Faham’s page for little more insight into the kinds of problems we are solving.