Adding Colour with WebCanvas

clock Friday December 5, 2008

It has been a while since posting anything new so why not add a bit of colour to this page and introduce you to WebCanvas. In case you have not heard of this Web 2.0 site, this is one of my pet projects which aims to create The World’s Largest Collaborative Painting.

WebCanvas Screenshot

New London Server

clock Sunday July 9, 2006

Loads of things have been happening since moving to London (from Guildford), however updating my personal site has not been one of them! Nonetheless, this server has a new incarnation and is as powerful as ever. This used to run on a modded Xbox, with another one functioning as a shadow backup! These were the cheapest, most compact and silent machines at the time…

Electronics and Computer Eng. Degree Completed

clock Friday June 2, 2006

After four hard working and very enriching years, my degree has reached its end!

Achieving a First Class Honours, with an average of 81% or 82% (depending if the industrial placement year is counted or not), I can feel the serenity of a mission well accomplished. Now is Chilllaxing time before moving to London to start my Ph.D. at Imperial… Feels Great 🙂

UniS Exams Are Over!!

clock Friday May 26, 2006

The sun shined intensively and a chilled breeze swept through the surrounding air. This was such a lovely day to complete my last electronics and computers engineering exam at UniS. This was sufficient reason to make me overjoyed, but then I got news that my contribution to a Giove/A module, up in space, was switched-on for the first time… and it worked. There had to be celebration, so we went to Kingston, where there is the best all you can eat Chinese. Obviously there had to be Tsintaos involved. What a great day!!

SSETI Launched

clock Thursday October 27, 2005

Today three special satellites were launched into orbit. Two were made by SSTL, the company where I spent the last year. The third satellite was the first result of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Students Space Exploration and Technology Initiative (SSETI), a program in which I had the privilege to participate when it was in its very early stages.

DjRiver – Free Chilling Vibes

clock Monday April 25, 2005

Composing poetry (coding) late at night… there is nothing better than listening to some chillaxing music compilations from Dj-River. They are free to download at his website. Make sure you get one of the colorful rooms. The green one is just exceptional – well, they all are!

New Website

clock Monday January 26, 2004

Almost ten years after my first webpage, and many others in between, here is another one!